Border & Port Surveillance

AUG-H has developed its own unique solution to short range border and port surveillance for defense and security stakeholders.

Sentinel BPS is a first-of-its-kind surveillance system with robust detection, recognition, tracking and persistent monitoring capabilities. Its innovative design combines radar data and visible and infrared imagery to monitor borders, critical infrastructure and ports, automatically classifying and tracking objects of interest, while also providing real-time alerts for specific security incidents. Sentinel BPS operates efficiently under harsh weather conditions, and its non-invasive installation and maintenance make it a cost-effective monitoring solution.

Sentinel BPS employs state-of-the-art detection technology, and leverages AUG-H experience in signal processing, resulting in an innovative design that provides users with several key benefits:

  • Accuracy: Sentinel BPS has an extremely low number of false detections, maintaining a high detection rate.
  • Classification capability: Sentinel BPS can reliably classify, count and track objects of interest, including humans, vehicles and vessels, including small boats
  • Long-range detection: Up to sixty kilometres over water and thirty kilometres over land.
  • Early warning system: Sentinel BPS can detect specific security breaches and other relevant incidents, issuing real-time alerts to operators.
  • Automatic cross-cueing: Sentinel BPS combines radar and camera to provide automatic sensor cross-cueing.
  • NATO standard compliant: Sentinel BPS incorporates NATO STANAG 4676 compliant tracking, supporting inter-operability with other NATO-compliant systems.