Automated Target Detection, Classification & Tracking

AUG-H provides target detection, classification and tracking services to government customers (both military and civilian) for optimal exploitation of satellite-based Earth Observation (EO)  data from Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR), visible, hyperspectral and multispectral sensors, airborne GMTI, visible, InfraRed (IR) and hyperspectral data, ground-based camera and radar data, underwater sonar data.

A short list of the unique capabilities developed by AUG-H includes:

  • Markov chain Constant False Alarm Rate (CFAR) detector exploits the correlation among adjacent pixels and provides significant performance improvement in detecting targets in high resolution radar imagery
  • Multi-CFAR detector, when applied to satellite and airborne data, is able to fuse the results of multiple complimentary CFAR detectors to increase the probability of detection while still keeping the probability of false alarm constant
  • AUG-H modeled of high resolution sea clutter using K and Generalized Compound (GC) distributions for maritime target detection
  • Robust video (both visible and InfraRed) and radar target tracking (ground, maritime and air) in high clutter environment
  • AUG-H optimal SAR (RADARSAT-2) feature selection and ship classification solution (a case study is available on classification of CFAV Quest, CCGS Sir Wilfred Grenfell, CCGC Sambro, and Divecom II)
  • Adaptive Matched Subspace Classification employs multiple hyperspectral detectors combined by decision fusion and Dampster-Shafer algorithms to achieve high performance military object classification and mineral identification results