Water Treatment Optimization

A.U.G. Signals Hellas (AUG-H) has bridged the gap between water monitoring and water treatment. Using company’s proven expertise in sensor fusion technology, online measurements of source water conditions and treated water quality are combined to create a solution for optimizing the treatment process on a continuous basis. This is illustrated by examining its impact on the coagulation process: the conventional jar testing technique for selecting optimal coagulant dosage is time-consuming, occurs only once per day (in the best case scenario), and relies solely on the operator’s judgement. Automating the process allows the most appropriate dosage to be selected based on the current water conditions, ensuring that sudden fluctuations are accounted for immediately. Not only does this reduce the potential burden on downstream processes and save operational costs, but it also mitigates the possibility of water being inadequately treated.

AUG-H’s online treatment optimization solutions utilize state-of-the-art algorithms to automatically learn the behaviour of a particular plant. While advanced sensors continuously provide data on current input conditions, the system takes proactive treatment to the next level by incorporating key performance indicators gleaned from previous events. In this way, the water treatment system is tweaked progressively to ensure optimal operation.