Source Water Monitoring

Drinking water sources – lakes, rivers, and wells – are vulnerable to various forms of contamination. Wherever industrial pollution affects water sources, it touches the lives of entire communities whether it be an urban metropolis or a rural town. Complicating this issue is the fact that contaminant concentrations vary over the course of a year due to multiple local factors, e.g. seasonal weather, past pollution events, or ongoing industrial activity. Due to such events, the importance of online source water monitoring is growing.

AUG-H has developed a source water monitoring solution with a predictive model that can interpret the unique environmental data not only in real-time, but also based on past environmental patterns.

The system is designed to analyze data onsite and produce real time results without the need for costly and time-consuming laboratory tests. Such a solution may be used on-site to help optimize water treatment processes, generating cost savings and ensuring public safety in the event of rapidly changing water conditions. Placement of monitors elsewhere in the water system provides accurate information on the state of source water days before pollution reaches intake points. Users can also customize the parameters to be monitored based on sites specific factors, such as a history of industrial pollution.

Key features and advantages:

  • 24/7 online testing every 10 seconds, real-time reporting every 2 minutes, alarms sent via email & text message
  • Accurate, reliable and fast detection of water contamination and estimation of the level of threat to people
  • Low operational cost and compact configuration, with low water and energy usage
  • Minimal false alarm rate as a result of AUG-H’s unique signal processing technology
  • Flexible for use in existing infrastructure, with easy deployment, maintenance and operation
  • Fully-customizable, remotely accessible and versatile solutions