Drinking Water Monitoring

AUG-H offers a real-time continuous drinking water surveillance and security solution. Using the most advanced online water quality sensors and superior signal processing, AUG-H’s solution empowers communities, private organizations and governments to preventively manage any water contamination event or threats to drinking water. Effectively protecting public health and safety, AUG-H improves the overall security for these diverse users by allowing them to premptively detect and diagnose problems in their own water distribution networks.

AUG-H is able to provide effective identification and estimation of multiple contaminants with detection rates and identification accuracies greater than those of its closest competitors at levels below WHO maximum acceptable concentrations. A wide range of user-customizable parameters and contaminants are supported, allowing AUG-H to provide solutions for a variety of drinking water applications that fit seamlessly into existing systems. As a decision-making support tool, this solution quickly and effectively detects contamination events, identifies their root causes and recommends courses of action. This leads to safer water, healthier communities and an enhanced trust in the distribution network.

Key features and advantages:

  • 24/7 online testing every 10 seconds, real-time reporting every 2 minutes, alarms sent via email & text message
  • Accurate, reliable and fast detection of water contamination and estimation of the level of threat to people
  • Low operational cost and compact configuration, with low water and energy usage
  • Minimal false alarm rate as a result of AUG-H’s unique signal processing technology
  • Flexible for use in existing infrastructure, with easy deployment, maintenance and operation
  • Fully-customizable, remotely accessible and versatile solutions